Information for Visiting Students

Documents for  VSLO formerly VSAS Applicants:

  • Instructions for Human Resources Document
  • AAMC Standardized immunizationform
  • Access and Confidentiality Agreement
  • Clinical Instructor and Student Orientation Manual
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • HR Form
  • MO Caregiver Background Screening MO300-1590s-2017
  • Fourth-year rotation applications for the 2019-2020 academic year will only be accepted from students enrolled at U.S. LCME and U.S. COCA Medical Schools (in their senior year) on a space-available basis starting March 4th. After May 15th, we will begin looking at and accepting applications and make offers for available fourth-year rotations. PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks of elective course work is allowed.

    Because of limited space, the University of Missouri only accepts visiting students from U.S. Accredited LCME and COCA medical schools. International student applications are not accepted at this time and no exceptions are made. We do not accept visiting students in required third-year clerkships.  Students must have completed the third year core clerkships before their visiting rotation begins. 

    Students must also follow our block schedule dates.  We will be unable to accommodate variable start and end dates for a rotation.  No exceptions are made.  Block dates can be found on the left of this screen.  We do not provide student housing.

    Additional requirements were enacted by University Hospital and HR--including mandatory background checks and a 7 panel drug screen.  ALL 5 background checks are required; as well as the 7 panel drug screen and all other immunizations listed on the AAMC Standardized Immunization form. The forms required can be downloaded from our web page We cannot accept the actual documentation—we require the University of Missouri, Mandatory Human Resources form, AAMC Standardized Immunization form, the Access and Confidentiality form and the last page of the HR Instructor and Student Orientation Manual to be uploaded to VSAS. Please do not upload the results of the background checks.  Your school will have to approve and sign the forms as the authorized representative.  Students are responsible for completing the applications and mailing them to the appropriate agencies.  For the Caregiver Background Screen, your school will be the requester and your school’s address needs to be in Block III.  Do not put our School of Medicine or HR as the requestor.  It will not reach us.  In section A, check 3-4.  Once your school has verified and signed the HR Background form you will load the three required forms into VSAS through the requirements screen. Again the 
    four forms required are the HR Background form, the AAMC Standardized Immunization form, the Access and Confidentiality form and the last page of the Orientation Manual.

    If you rotate Oct. 1 - April 30 a new flu shot will be required once it is available in the fall.  Your application will remain "conditional" until our immunization form has been updated (reflecting the new flu shot date), signed, and re-uploaded into VSAS.  Your application will be denied if this is not done.

    The University of Missouri-Columbia will be using VSLO, the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities Program, to receive all visiting student applications. Applications will be accepted through VSLO starting on April 18th, 2018. To apply to our school, complete an application on VSLO for your preferred electives and dates. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be accepted and processed.  For more information on VSLO, please visit or contact VSAS at or (202) 478-9878.

    The following documentation will be required at time of submission: AAMC Standardized Immunization form, our human resource form,  proof of BLS or ACLS certification, passing of Step/Comlex, adequate malpractice insurance, transcript, CV, and photo.

    Again, you must be a student at an LCME (US accredited) or COCA (US accredited) school in order to apply.  We do not accept applications from international medical schools.  If you have general application questions contact Naomi Tucker at  She is unable to answer questions regarding block availability and how long the process will take; or the status of your application. Applications are reviewed by each department and they will determine the status of your application based on faculty and staff availability. The departmental student coordinator will contact you once a decision has been made.  Each department maintains its own course rosters.  Contact information for student coordinators can be found by clicking on the student coordinator link on the left side of this screen.