The following courses satisfy the requirements for advanced selectives. Once you have met the graduation requirements for selective credit (1 surgical and 1 medical), all additional selectives can be counted for elective credit.

Child Health
6825 Medical Selective General Child Health - Inpatient
6826 Medical Selective General Child Health - Outpatient
6827 Medical Selective Neonatology/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
6828 Medical Selective Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
6829 Medical Selective Pediatric Neurology
6045 Medical Selective Springfield Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
6037 Medical Selective Springfield Pediatric Intensive Care
6856 Medical Selective Dermatology 2
Emergency Medicine
6860 Medical Selective Emergency Medicine
6034 Medical Selective Springfield ER 4-Week Medical Selective
Family & Community Medicine
6878 Medical Selective Family Medicine Maternity Care
6876 Medical Selective Family Medicine Offsite Externship
6875 Medical Selective Family Medicine Onsite Externship
6879 Medical Selective Palliative Care Selective
6877 Medical Selective Rural Family Medicine Selective
6049 Medical Selective Springfield Palliative Care Selective
6048 Medical Selective Springfield Rural Family Medicine Selective
Internal Medicine
6800 Medical Selective Coronary Care Unit
6801 Medical Selective Diabetes Mellitus Externship
6802 Medical Selective Gastroenterology
6805 Medical Selective Hematology & Med Oncology Chronic Care
6806 Medical Selective Immunology/Rheumatology
6807 Medical Selective Medical Intensive Care
6808 Medical Selective Nephrology Advanced Elective
6809 Medical Selective Pulmonary Medicine Diagnostic Services
6035 Medical Selective Springfield Medical Intensive Care
6803 Medical Selective Subinternship in Internal Medicine
6040 Surgical Selective Springfield 4-WK Advanced Clinical Surgical Selective
6031 Medical Selective Springfield Clinical 4-week Advanced Clinical Selective
6850 Medical Selective Advanced Neurology
6845 Medical Selective Neurology
Obstetrics & Gynecology
6960 Surgical Selective Gynecologic/Oncology Surgery
6865 Medical Selective Maternal Fetal Medicine
6866 Medical Selective Obstetrical
6867 Medical Selective Obstetrical/Gynecological Outpatient
6964 Surgical Selective Obstetrics/Gynecology Offsite Adv Selective
6041 Surgical Selective Springfield Gynecologic Surgical Oncology Selective
6053 Surgical Selective Springfield Obstetrics/Gynecology Selective
6868 Medical Selective Urogynecology Selective
6990 Surgical Selective Ophthalmology Surgical Selective
Orthopaedic Surgery
6982 Surgical Selective Introduction to Orthopaedic Surgery
6981 Surgical Selective Orthopaedic Surgery Sub-Internship
6955 Surgical Selective Ambulatory ENT/Urology
6974 Surgical Selective Otolaryngology
6839 Medical Selective Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
6838 Medical Selective Forensic Psychiatry
6840 Medical Selective Geriatric Psychiatry
6836 Medical Selective Psychiatry Adult Inpatient Service
6835 Medical Selective Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic
6837 Medical Selective Psychosomatic Medicine
6977 Surgical Selective Acute Care Surgery
6658 Surgical Selective Burn Unit
6957 Surgical Selective Cardiothoracic Surgery
6959 Surgical Selective General Surgery Externship
6991 Surgical Selective Longitudinal Neurosciences
6985 Surgical Selective Neurosurgery A
6989 Surgical Selective Pediatric Neurosurgery
6975 Surgical Selective Pediatric Surgery
6976 Surgical Selective Plastic Surgery
6042 Surgical Selective Springfield Pediatric Surgery 4-week
6046 Surgical Selective Springfield Plastic Surgery
6038 Surgical Selective Springfield Surgical Oncology
6039 Surgical Selective Springfield Vascular Surgery Selective
6958 Surgical Selective Surgery Off-site Selective
6971 Surgical Selective Surgical Critical Care
6972 Surgical Selective Surgical Oncology
6980 Surgical Selective Urology
6979 Surgical Selective Vascular Surgery