Advanced Biomedical Sciences (ABS)

Must have completed five of the seven core clerkships.

The requirement is four weeks.


  1. Reexamine concepts in the basic sciences relevant to the practice of medicine, particularly in the specific medical specialty the student wishes to pursue.
  2. Engage in self-directed learning.
  3. Evaluate new information in the basic and clinical sciences.
  4. Improve students' communication skills through oral and written presentations.

Advanced Biomedical Sciences advisor:  Dr. Kevin Kane

Option 1

Mechanisms of Disease - students synthesize relevant psychological, physiological and/or molecular data explaining signs, symptoms, and treatment of a patient with a given disease. The illness should be explained in as basic terms as possible.

  1. Course will be four weeks.
  2. Individual or small group study.
  3. Must have completed five of the seven core clerkships.
  4. Explore in depth mechanisms of a specific disease, and the patient with a definitive diagnosis. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of the process including drug action must be considered.
  5. Each student will be expected to present orally and/or in writing a description of basic mechanisms underlying the etiology, pathogenesis, and the signs and symptoms of the disease process.

Option 2

Research - Research must be the continuation of an ongoing project. Students are urged to meet with their research mentor to verify the goal to be achieved and obtain the necessary background literature before the research selective is initiated. The proposed project must be submitted to the ABS Advisory Committee. The proposal should detail what further work the student will be doing in the four-week block. The result of this work should be a paper submitted for publication or presentation at a meeting. If this does not occur, then a paper should be submitted to the mentor and/or an oral presentation given within the appropriate department. The proposal form is due to the Med Ed office coordinator (LC338) 45 days prior to beginning of the block.

Option 3

Limited Research/Literature Review - This option will allow a student who is not currently involved in a research project to make a significant contribution to an ongoing research project of a faculty member.  A written paper and/or an oral presentation will be required with a review of the relevant literature and a discussion of the ongoing research. Evaluation will be by the mentor and other appropriate faculty. Students are encouraged to contact faculty to pursue projects that are of interest to them. The proposal form is due in the Med Ed Coordinator office (LC 338) 45 days prior to starting the block.

ABS Course Process

Process for adding an ABS research course to your schedule:

1.  Meet with the faculty mentor of the project/research activity being proposed no later than 45 days prior to starting the block to:

A:  Outline your role in the project.

B:  Identify any pre-work, background readings, or IRB training that needs to be done prior to the start of the block.

C:  Define a timeline for completion of your work.

D:  Identify the scope of the scholarly paper/presentation (i.e., written paper for submission to a journal, oral presentation at a regional/national meeting, or an oral presentation and discussion of your work within the appropriate department).

2.  Complete and submit the ABS research form, written ABS proposal, and approved IRB statement to the Med Ed Coordinator (LC338) no later than 45 days prior to starting the block.  In order to receive credit through the appropriate department, the form will include the signatures of the faculty mentor and designated department director.

3.  Submissions received in the Med Ed Office less than 45 days prior to starting the block may not be approved.